2018 Schedule

Combined Training

May 12    Twisted Pine CT & XC School
June 10    Foxcroft Equestrian CT & XC School
July 11     Sprucehaven Farm CT & XC School
July 18     Bronte Creek Equestrian CT & Derby
July 21     Warwick Equestrian CT & XC School
Aug 8
      Highland Green CT & XC School
Aug 18     Sprucehaven CT & XC School
Sept 16     Foxcroft Equestrian CT & XC School


Schooling Horse Trials

May 20      Twisted Pine HT 1
June 3        Highland Green HT 1
July 22      Warwick Equestrian HT 1
Aug 1        Warwick Equestrian HT 2    
Aug 19      Sprucehaven Farm HT 1
Sept 9        Sprucehaven Farm HT 2
Sept 29      Highland Green HT 2

Oct 14       Twisted Pine HT 2

Created in 2009, with originally just three Combined Training competitions, SOCTA has steadily grown into a popular introductory series expanding to include Combined Training, Short Courses and Schooling Horse Trials at venues easily accessible off the 401 corridor in Southwestern Ontario.

The goal is to provide a safe, fun and affordable introduction to eventing.  This is a perfect environment for developing riders and horses with inviting courses in a positive atmosphere from cross rails through to Training Level.

Come join us for the fun!